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What Happens After You Cut the Cord to Cable TV?

What Happens After You Cut the Cord to Cable TV?


Many of our clients are cutting the cord to expensive cable television packages. Bundled deals enticed almost everyone until the discount expired and the realization of early termination fees left you stuck for another six to twelve months in your contract.  Now that many of our clients are free and clear from their contracts they are wondering "what now?"



Streaming services like Dish Network’s Sling and DirecTV's DirecTV Now are among the most robust options. The so-called a-la-cart concepts make you feel empowered in your TV viewing choices and you can typically cancel whenever you want.  Yippee you say, well here are a few things you should consider before ordering up your viewing pleasure menu:

#1 Platform: Consider the platform for your steaming device. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, Roku or just want to use your computer or phone to stream, all you need to do is download the app for the service that peaks your interest.

#2 DVR Limitation: Sling has a new DVR feature that is only available to select subscribers. Direct TV Now is seeking DVR testers before releasing the features to the public. If that doesn’t work for you think about getting a TiVo.

#3 Pricing:  The cost for the channel profile varies from $20.00 a month to $70.00 a month. The "Package" deals have been disguised with colorful names. You can get just about any channel you want by paying a little more.

#4 Alternatives: Don't forget about Hulu. You can get the channels for less than $10.00. Add that to the Netflix cost of $8.00 and you're paying less than $20.00 a month for enough TV to keep you happy. There are a few other one-time payment devices that download content from large server. Recent improvements now access movies, tv shows, live sports, and 3d movies in HD.

#5: Antennas: There are antennas available for indoor and outdoor mounting that can receive locally broadcasted channels for free. The better the antenna, the better the reception and number channels received. CEDIA 2017 unveiled the Antop Flat Panel Smartpass Amplified outdoor/indoor Antenna line of antennas, which allow local channels to be viewed with higher resolutions. Typical cost is for this antenna about $200.00. However, prices start at around $30 for more basic indoor antennas.

Technology and the services that may be associated with them, changes very fast and the best advice is to google search comparison articles before making any commitments. Happy streaming!



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