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To See or Not to See – Television Alternatives

During a client evaluation last summer, I witnessed a married couple’s argument a television in the bedroom. I became invisible during their heated discussion and I felt compelled to intervene with an integration solution that is often overshadowed by cost and a limited imagination. The wife didn't want to have a large television on the wall or dresser because it interfered with her oasis vibe. The husband wanted to watch TV while she was in his arms. He preferred tv shows that make her bury her head into his chest. He wanted a loud surround system to feel like he was in the midst of the action. She wanted to see the beautiful mountains outside her window and hear the birds.

I felt like I was reliving a conversation my wife and I had a few years prior and I couldn’t contain myself, as I blurted out “I have a technology solution that might work. What do you think about…”?

1. Picture Frame television: when you turn the television off a picture of your choice appears, adding a decorative art element to your home. Samsung – The Frame

2. Mirror Television: your television will turn into a mirror when it is off. You can even do this in your bathroom allowing you to watch your favorite news station before heading into work. Seura TV Mirrors

3. Immersion Projection Room Wall: would you like your alarm clock to trigger a beautiful sky full of clouds along with the sound of rolling waves capable of transporting you to a relaxing vacation atmosphere. Immersion Projection Room

4. TV Lifts: you can hide your television in a simple or custom designed TV cabinet. Nexus21

These are just a few of the solutions that can work for different situations. Shakatronics Audio Video can provide a host of similar solutions for residential and commercial facilities in Arizona.

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