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Diva Dens and Man Caves

Man Cave, Man Cave, Man Cave… we all know about that special place that men retreat to when they want to be alone.  I reluctantly admit that the water closet has been my escape place for far too long. When my kids were little they respected bathroom time.  Only on rare occasions, one of them would camp out outside the door until I emerged.  My husband would ask if I was okay whenever I stayed in too long. Little did he know I was immersed in "Slithero". Now that the kids are growing, I have given myself permission to binge watch G.O.T. in the middle of the day, or Rosewood when I use the treadmill.

A recent visit to my sister's closet…renovated to her Prayer Room, inspired me to define where women go to retreat. I came up with the “Diva Den”. I asked my husband, Shaka to redesign my tandem garage to an exercise media room, where I can watch television while lifting weights or doing yoga, and have enough space to boogie down with my hip-hop workout YouTube videos.

Six months later, I visited a few more homes and found out that many women like to garden, hang out in the backyard with windchimes or craft with their favorite bloggers.  I plan on phasing in Alexa so that she can help me shop while I work out.  Yes, I am a Diva and no one can fault me for wanting a space to call my own.

Shakatronics Audio Video can help you create your own Diva Den and make it a sanctuary of your liking. Let us know what you like and we can customize your place by integrating audio, video, and automation components that will help you be more efficient by using modern convivences.

During the holidays we are offering free installation on a Bose surround sound system with any jobs over $3,500. Please contact us for details.

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