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Dialysis Centers & The Need For Wi-Fi

Dialysis Centers & The Need For Wi-Fi

With technology being an everchanging application, dial-up and DSL are a thing of the past. Wi-Fi is a growing necessity in almost every person's life and is required to operate almost every electronic device imaginable.

Dialysis is a process that cleanses a person's blood and does what normal functioning kidneys can no longer do. Normally, this process takes approximately four hours a day, three times a week. It can sometimes be boring and unrelenting. Patients need something to occupy their time and even the elderly uses some type of electronics. That is where Wi-Fi comes in.

The bandwidth that Wi-Fi can handle would be able to support the use of patient’s electronic devices without interfering with or slowing down the computers and operating systems used by the staff in each unit. Wi-Fi in-center would allow for the use of tablets, iPad, notebooks, laptops and cellular devices so that patients can 'connect" and take their mind off the current situation.

From my own personal experience, I've found some centers to be lacking in entertainment. However, in today's times, electronics and the need and ability to connect to Wi-Fi are extremely important.

Shakatronics Audio and Video can help your dialysis center become up to date and innovative with the latest Wi-Fi technology. We can customize according to needs and requirements. Contact us today and let us help you make your dialysis facility a place that patients can enjoy.

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