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4K TV, Burt Reynolds, and the Guru Next Door

So what's the deal with 4K anyway? Or Ultra HD as it's being touted. We ooh and ahh at this next level genesis of television genius. But why? Aren't all televisions nowadays basically the same?  At least according to the 'guru next door' who keeps inviting you to his NFL football viewings  and WWE parties, but I wouldn't just take his word for it. Shakatronics Audio Video uses 4K televisions for many of our clients. Sony, Samsung, and LG seem to be favorites across the board. So what sets a 4K television apart from the rest? Let's check out some details:

-The limitations of traditional HD are 1920 vertical columns of pixels by 1080 horizontal rows of pixels, while 4K has a total resolution of 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels, hence the name.

-Your average 1080p television holds about one quarter of the information that a 4K television holds. That means that a 4K image is much clearer.

-In order to watch get the most out of your 4K television, make sure you're watching 4K content. Netflix seems to be the champion in the 4K streaming arena. The Roku 4 has also been gaining popularity as a liaison for 4K enabled entertainment.

-Don't forget the connections you need for watching! The latest HDMI will do just fine.


v2.0 HDMIRoku 4 Packagingnetflix


Thankfully, you won't have to worry yourself over much more than that as that's what integrators like yours trulyare for! During a consultation, Shakatronics Audio Video  technicians break down the techie jargon by making it palatable for the everyman. So when grandma comes over and exclaims that she doesn't need her bifocals to see your amazing new 'television set', you can beam proudly and tell her all about the crystal clear image and new fangled 'pixels' while she fawns over how great Burt Reynolds' mustache looks on an old episode of Smokey and the Bandit that you're streaming on your awesome new 4K set up. 


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