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Diva Dens and Man Caves

Man Cave, Man Cave, Man Cave… we all know about that special place that men retreat to when they want to be alone.  I reluctantly admit that the water closet has been my escape place for far too long. When my kids were little they respected bathroom time.  Only on rare occasions, one of them would camp out outside the door until I emerged.  My husband would ask if I was okay whenever I stayed in too long. Little did he know I was immersed in "Slithero". Now that the kids are growing, I have given myself permission to binge watch G.O.T. in the middle of the day, or Rosewood when I use the treadmill.

What Happens After You Cut the Cord to Cable TV?

What Happens After You Cut the Cord to Cable TV?


Many of our clients are cutting the cord to expensive cable television packages. Bundled deals enticed almost everyone until the discount expired and the realization of early termination fees left you stuck for another six to twelve months in your contract.  Now that many of our clients are free and clear from their contracts they are wondering "what now?"


Automated Door Locks, Video Door Bells and Cameras that Talk.

Automated Door Locks, Video Door Bells and Cameras that Talk.

In Arizona, the month of August is also known as “Back to School” month. If your family is anything like ours, you’re probably setting up calendars to coordinate with half-days, no-school days, holidays, sports events, doctor appointments, and more. Last year we had one child in college, one in high school and one in elementary school. The planning had to be calculated and constantly updated to avoid any potential mishaps. But a well oiled machine cannot run perfectly all of the time. Even with our military style accuracy and laser focused planning, we’d inevitably run into this scheduling issues. This year we have one in the work force, one in college and one in elementary school. In an effort to use technology to benefit our family we put together a few ideas for you to consider this school year.

3 Important Reasons Why You Need to Have Home Security

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It is extremely heartbreaking to hear from families when they reach out to us to assist in providing their homes with home security measures. It’s heartbreaking because 40% of these calls occur after the family’s home has been burglarized. These families often feel violated, overexposed, and vulnerable. We hear it time and time again. ‘How did this happen?’ ‘Why were we a target?’ ‘How could we have prevented this from happening?’ The pain and cost associated with experiencing a home invasion/robbery could be avoided if households arm themselves with knowledge about what is available to defend their homes against criminals.

 There were 27,450 residential robberies and burglaries committed in Arizona in 2015 with 41.6% of burglaries occurring between 6AM and 6PM. This means that criminals are bold and with try to target your home when they think no one is home. These criminals are watching your home, they waiting for you to lower your defenses, and they are targeting the defenseless. According to a study conducted by UNC Charlotte, 83% of the burglars from the study “said they would attempt to determine if an alarm was present before attempting a burglary, and 60 percent said they would seek an alternative target” (Alarm.org). The presence of a security system is the first line of defense against burglars. For those 40% that aren’t deterred so easily, you need to be ready.

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